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Become an Author

Hey, Jammers! If you want to become an author of Animal Jam Lake, then here's your chance! I will always be hiring authors.

Here are the qualifications in order to become an author:

  • You have to play Animal Jam
  • You have to have a blogger account and a G-Mail account
  • You can't type like this: "haii jammers! omg u have to see the new item on aj! im 2 lazy 2 get a pic so umm yeaaa see for yourself so yea. check it out peace!" Here is the correct way, "Hey, Jammers! You should see the new item on Animal Jam! It is a [member/non-member item] and costs [how many gems it costs]! [Insert picture here] what do you think of this item?"
  • You have to have a decent Animal Jam blog, or if you play Animal Jam and don't blog about it then you can sign up for an author but you have to post AJ topic posts.
  • Have fun in your posts and don't be boring!
  • Make a post about yourself and your interests, what you like about AJ, etc.
That's about it! It may seem like a lot, but it's not too hard. I want my blog and authors to be great! If you want to become an author, comment with your e-mail on your blogger account. Then I will check out your blog and if I like it I will send you an invite! [If you don't want your e-mail published in the comments, say "don't publish" and I won't publish it.]

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