Hey, Jammers! Welcome to Animal Jam Lake, by LakePaws! This blog will have glitches, contests, cheats and much, much more! Comment often and keep it positive! Thanks! See you in Jamaa!~LakePaws

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guess Who!

Hey jammers!
It's someone here, you don't know who yet!
Eh, I'll let you in.
No, I'm the new author!
I'll be here to post about things..
I have to go! Stupid brothers..

Sea Turtle Submersible

Hey, Jammers!

Today we have a pretty cool item, sadly members only, though. Let's see what it is!

*Picture credit goes to Jammie263*

It's called the 'Sea Turtle Submersible'. What do you think of this item? I think it's a clever idea, but I don't think many Jammers use underwater dens anymore. 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to Animal Jam Lake!

Hi, and welcome to Animal Jam Lake! Animal Jam Lake will help you with updates, glitches, cheats and more. There will also be contests, legends of Jamaa, and stories. I will soon be hiring authors to work for this blog. I will be hiring up to 10 authors, so that will be plenty. If you want to be an author, just comment and tell me your e-mail. But you must have a blogger account and an e-mail that you will be aloud to hand out. You have to know about Animal Jam, too.

My username is LakePaws. I've been playing AJ since March 2012 so I am pretty new. Anyways I hope you will enjoy this blog. 

Thanks, and visit often. Don't forget to comment!